Tee Ball, Shave Ice, and Karen’s Promotion

The boys are growing bigger every day. Dylan now is a talker and he and Dawson are conspiring daily it seems. It is so fun to watch their brotherly bond develop. We would have never guessed it to be so rewarding to witness them grow up together. Karen and I find ourselves smiling when watching them all the time.

Dawson just started Tee Ball with his friends Owen and Forest. He loves being part of a team. He continues to be the super cerebral kid always learning and soaking in information as quick as he can get it. His memory amazes us and is a useful tool when going to a BBQ or party. He can remember everyone's name!

Dylan is our little bruiser. He has always been the super physical one and continues to prove he is super tough. For example, he flipped over on a big slide the other day landing on his head in the bark at the bottom. He jumped up wiped off his clothes and screamed "More!" Recently he started enjoying "reading" books which makes us happy for it spares us 5 minutes or so of save-a-2-year-old's-life duty.

A few weeks ago we went on another AMAZING Valve Vacation in Kauai. Once again it proved to be a very generous benefit of working for Valve and a wonderful week of family time in the sun. Highlights were the Grand Hyatt's salt water lagoon, Uncle's Shave Ice, and feeding wild goats and The Kauai Plantation Railway. We can't wait for next year!

Exciting news! Karen put in her notice at REI this last month. Her last day will be May 22nd and after that she will being starting her new career as a full time Mom. We are so incredibly blessed that this worked out. It has been a hope and prayer of our family that she could stay home. All the pieces fell into place this year and it is becoming reality. Cannot wait to see what the summer looks like. Hopefully we can be a little more frequent with our posts as well.

Until next time.

The Blues

Kauai 2014
Kauai 2014
Dawson Tee Ball 2014
Dawson Tee Ball 2014
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Some long overdue photos.

Hi everyone,

Here are some long overdue photos of the kids and our adventures from this Summer and Fall. Wishing all of you a Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year!

Love, Nathaniel, Karen, Dawson, and Dylan

Summer 2012

Summer 2012 Favorites

Best of Fall 2012

Best of Fall 2012

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What the Blue’s have been up to…

It has been a busy season for the Blue's! Nathaniel got a new job at Valve in Bellevue, one of the top game companies in the area. Right after accepting the job we headed to Whistler, BC for our annual ski vacation. Dawson skied his first runs at Whistler Kids Camp. He loved it and ended up skiing three days, and said he wanted to ski "one hundred more!"

Just a month after returning from Whistler, we were off to Hawaii for 8 sunny days at the Fairmont, Orchid on the big island all courtesy of Valve for their annual employee vacation. We had lots of great pool time and baby/kid wrangling. :)

We got back from Hawaii just in time for the birth of our new nephew, Bennett James Campbell born on Easter Sunday. He is adorable, and we are so happy for the newest addition to the family.

We are so blessed.

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Dylan - 1st MonthWhistler 2012Dylan 2-3 monthsHawaii - 2012

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

2011 was a busy, exciting year! We kicked it off with some ski trips with friends and then an amazing trip to Hawaii for Mary and Jon's wedding in April. Lots of camping trips, sporting events, and fun family outings filled up our summer. After all that we found out that we are expecting Baby Blue 2 who is due Jan. 30th - Dawson is SO excited to meet his baby brother. And then in the fall we found out the super exciting news that Mary (Karen's sister) is expecting too and is due just 3 months after Karen is! So the countdown is on - Dawson is losing his mind about excited for Santa to bring him a black Angry Bird, to bake baby Jesus a birthday cake, and then baby brother will be here in less than 6 weeks. Keep checking in for updates on when this little guy decides to make an entrance.

Wishing you and your family much love and many blessings in 2012.

Nathaniel, Karen, and Dawson

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Family Photo 2011

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