What a year!

All I remember of January is being stuck down in the basement with smelly Bad-Dog wondering what all the commotion was upstairs.  Then there was all this crying all the time from this very small, wrinkly thing.  First they bring home a loud, stinky, annoying Bad-Dog and then they bring The-Tailpuller home.  They never asked me about any of this.

The Feeders have been acting strange all year, they used to let me sleep in the bed and give me lots of purrs but now they make strange noises and always carry The-Tailpuller everywhere.  I don't like this. They are constantly coming and going in the Wheeled-Kennel and seem pretty happy.

Hope you and your family are happy. (Wouldn't that be nice!)

Queen Emmy

Queen Emmy

Oh yeah, if you are interested in what the Feeders are up to, check out their 2009 photo gallery below.

2009 Best Of


Labor has begun

Karen started labor this morning at 4AM. And was admitted into Swedish Hospital downtown at 9AM.

Pray for strength and safety for Karen and Baby Blue!

- Nathaniel

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